• Vera Laska's complete Shoah Testimony.  "Bonus" footage at end of video at timecode 2:26:12.  Click HERE.

  • Vera Laska's book Women in the Resistance and in the Holocaust: The Voices of Eyewitnesses can be ordered HERE.

  • The Vera Laska chapter in Women Reshaping Human Rights: How Extraordinary Activists Are Changing the World by Marguerite Guzman Bouvard can be read and ordered HERE.

  • Vera Laska's obituary in The Boston Globe.  Click HERE.

  • Vera Laska teaching materials from the USC Shoah Foundation.  Click HERE.

  • Students visiting the International Spy Museum in Washington, DC can pretend to be Vera Laska, a "spy for the day." Turn to page 33 to find Vera's "dossier" in this Student Spy Guide.  Click HERE.

  • Vera Laska in the International Spy Museum's permanent "Spies Among Us" exhibit.  Click HERE.

RESISTANCE is based on the true story of Vera Laska who, as a teenager, defied statistics and lasted three years as a WWII Czechoslovak Resistance fighter (instead of the average six months); survived Auschwitz as a political prisoner; and escaped the Nazis during a death march.
Vera Laska's charm bracelet, which contains part of a Buzz Bomb ring that she snuck out of the Dora Tunnel before heading on a death march in 1945. While a prisoner, Vera measured and sabotaged the rings. It was her contribution to the downfall of the Reich. (Screen grab from the interview of Vera Laska is from the archive of the University of Southern California Shoah Foundation Institute for Visual History and Education. For more information: